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Thread: Axim X5 PocketPC

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    Axim X5 PocketPC

    I have am thinking about selling my Dell Axim X5 400MHz PocketPC. It is in excellent condition, and I have been using it as a GPS Navigation system in my car. I have also used it for watching movies, playing MP3's, games and other stuff.
    I now have a computer in my car, so I do not have much use for it anymore.

    Here is the manufact website:

    The PPC is in PERFECT condition, no scratches and it has never been dropped or mis-used in any way.

    I am selling it together with Destinator 2 GPS navigation system. Check out

    There are several addons that I can also include such as 256MB CF card or 256MB SD card. I can also include the newer iNav iGudiance 2.0 GPS software if requested.

    The PPC will come with everything. USB Cable, GPS unit with car charger, a 256MB CF card, PPC operating software and PC software, and everything that originally came with it.

    I am looking to get around 450$ for everything. The system cost around 800$ new with the GPS system and extra storage.

    Please contact me if you are interested. I can ofcource take many many more pics of everything and give more detail.

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    As I promised, here are some shots of the GPS in action. Please pardon my crappy camera pics. The screen obvisuly does not look like in the pictures.

    I also guarantee the screen shipped with NO DEAD PIXELS or your money back.


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    Bump. Still for sale, if you are interested PM me.

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