Upgrading your 800+ Mhz mini-ITX board? Ill buy it. Looking for a 800+Mhz mobo (MUST HAVE USB 2.0), used but 100% working condition. Also may be interested in package deals. Would love to buy the ITPS, DC-DC PS, MOBO, maybe slim ram, and perhaps some laptop harddrive/cdrom adapters.

EMAIL ME PLZ @ [email protected] with your list of items WITH MODEL #'s and prices.

NOTE: MODEL #'s are important. Please do include them in your emails. Thanks !!!!!

NOTE2: I im in the laptop repair business and have worked on 100's of models of laptops, therefore I offer Laptop repair in trade, or laptop parts such as hard drives, memory, lcd screens, etc...

Email me what you have and what you are looking for, and hopefully we can work out a deal. Thanks