2 Pioneer CDJ-800's + Pyle Pro PYD720. Great kit all cables
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This is a professional mobile cd dj kit i spent a year building. The Pioneer CDJ-800 cd turntable is the best cd vinyl emulator out right now. Scratch cd's as if they were vinyl records. Create custom seamless automated loops with auto loop creation. The best BPM finder period. The only cd turntable that competes with this one is the CDJ-1000. That one is overbloated and sells for over $1000 each. The CDJ-800 retails for $800 each, you get two for $1199 with me.

You also get a mixer with a great scratch crossfader/mixer - the Pyle Pro PYD720. I use several of these mixers for different dj setups (2 ipods, 2 vinyls, laptop + backup ipod incase laptop freezes). Features punch mute buttons for serious scratch mixing. Eliminates the need for a third turntable. You can connect upto 4 turntables, a mic, and headphones.

Also included are all the cables to get you started. This is a perfect kit for a new dj who has no vinyl but has a cd-burner.

If you were to buy these products induvidually you'd spend $1900 retail

Includes manuals. But as an added bonus I will add live phone support for newbie DJ's on how to use it. I want the newbies to feel comfortble using this amazing technology.