Cheap - I'm loosing allot of money on this. I will discount shipping if you mention you saw the ad here. Unfortunately I never really used it and my car needs expensive tires more than it needs gadgets .

This is one solid pc, completely custom, and it's the absolute best one out there, trust me, there's nothing else like it. Everytihng you need odwn to the wire extensions to reach your trunk are here. This is PIMPED out. Seriously, it glows blue, and there's notihng else besides a GPS I could dream of adding to it.

Email me thorugh eBay with any questions. Thanks for looking ^_^.

Edit: I'll do trades with just about anything you have for discount or even up, I re-sell electornics and PC's locally, so let me know if you have anything .

Also, if you have a questions, please use eBay, I'm not going to be checking this post very often, and it needs to sell through eBay, though for people on the forums here I'll take almost any kind of payment (auction says paypal only).