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Thread: Perfect Carputer Dell Laptop

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    Perfect Carputer Dell Laptop

    Dell Inspiron 4150
    P4-m 1.7 ghz
    14.1" tft screen
    40gb 5400rpm hd
    512 ram
    32mb ATI Radeon 7500 video card
    802.11b Netgear wireless card
    DVD/CDRW combo drive
    Battery-Lasts 3hours
    Windows XP Pro w/COA and reinstall cd
    Office XP Pro 2003 installed
    Norton System Works 2003 installed
    Routis 2004 Installed

    This computer is in excellent condition and runs great. Ideal for a carputer or as your main computer. Was going to ebay it but I thought I'd let you guys have first dibs. I'm asking $750.00 OBO! If you want pictures or hae questions email me at [email protected] and I will send you pics and answers. I couldn't get the attachments to work. Sorry. Thanks for looking.
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