I am selling my Xplore ruggized tablet PC up on ebay since I was unable to use it for my carPC purposes due to the angle of my Civic dash with the built-in touchscreen. Since it is ruggized, it is built to handle the harshness of the manufacturer and commerical truck/car environment. This same tablet is also used by several police forces across the nation due to its reliability and durability.

I orginially bought it off ebay a few months ago and now need to make close or all of my $$ back. I also bought an X-Stand (its desktop docking station) and got a free Xplore restore CD from their tech support. Warranty is void when I got it since it was a resold unit.

Starting bid is at $750, reserve at $1250, buy it now at $1349 (the price I paid for it). Seller pays for shipping.

More details are posted on the ebay auction: