I am finally upgrading to a new 15" Powerbook G4 1.5GHz and have no need for two 15" Powerbooks. It comes with everything in the photos. I "think" it still has a little of the Applecare warranty left, if you want to verify the serial # is QT1223ZXL98.
The laptop has Airport, Bluetooth (the Blutooth is a 3Com 3CRWB6096B PCMIA card with a retractable antenna and Mac driver from VersionTracker.com, works flawlessly), OS X 10.3.7, Combo drive, power supply, and I will add in a portable WiFi antenna (pictured).

The laptop has been upgraded with:

--40 Gig HD (30 gigs over stock)
--768 MB Ram (512MB over stock)
--Combo Drive CD Burner / DVD player (stock is player only)

This thing is LOADED and ready to go. Other stock G4's are going for $650, you can get in on this one now for a really low price!

I will charge $25 for shipping (US only). People with 0 feedback, please contact me before bidding. Ask all questions before bidding.