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Thread: car pc trade for labtop :NEW:

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    car pc trade for labtop :NEW:

    Alright, I am not sure if I want to do this. But I think a labtop would be better for me. I am looking to trade only right now for a labtop w/ dvd at least.

    Car pc specs:
    Assembled and built by Idustrial flower factory BRAND NEW:

    epia m1000 processor
    256mb ram
    has slot for for slim drive
    4 usb ports
    composite video port
    mpeg-2 decoder chip
    WIN XP home edition
    has car code program installed (
    blue front face plate
    PLUS MORE....

    I have booted it several times and it works great. Surfed the internet with my wireless setup, and used the ob-2 program for checking codes and engine functions of Fords,gm chrysler, and Honda I beleive. I am looking for something fairly new. Depending on what you have to offer, I can send pics and more info. Value at about $600-650. Email @ [email protected]

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    have any pics of system?

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    Ya I can get pics no problem. If you serious, email me and I can send them

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    Pics are on there way.

    One other thing I would like to mention. The power supply is a 60w. It has a plug on the back were you would put a cigeratte lighter plug in(radio shack). It does not come with this. But comes with another plug/inverter to plug in to your house outlet. Its perfect, because you can do any all setup from the comfort of your house very easy,or use it as a regular computer if you so choose. Also comes with the chip to plug in the internal slim drive. I do have media car downloaded, but havn't quite figured it out yet.

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    See? Another 'LaBtop' misspell. The two letters are so far apart, I'm just not seeing how people could keep mistyping it so consistently. Is there a common keyboard layout that has the two letters next to each other?
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