Ok I will try again, I think the last person backed out....
Anyways looking to trade for a laptop with Pen4 or ati 64 bit,at least
256mb ram, cdr/dvd or dvd burner, win xp, etc...

My specs
Pc assembled and bought from industrial flower factory (real name)
epia m1000
256mb ram
win xp installed(home)
slim drive slot(empty) plus chip to plug it in
mpeg decoder chip
4 usb ports
s video port\
Blue front face plate
12v 60w power supply, comes with ac/dc inverter to plug into wall outlet
does not come with 12v plug adapter(probaly $15@ radio shack)

its only been booted up a couple times. It has alex pepper obd2 software, and a version of media car, but never realy figured it out enough. I have pics and can email upon request. Feel free to ask any questions. Send emails to
[email protected]