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Thread: Sherwood Car DTS CIrcle Surround Decoder X-DTS80

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    Sherwood Car DTS CIrcle Surround Decoder X-DTS80

    For sale used item Sherwood Surround Decoder X-DTS80

    in good condtion great control for 5.1 in car sound just run ditigal coax and the run RCA to amps. No box but in good condtion.

    same model here to see pics

    Orignally sold for 1500
    ebay one buy it now for 600

    I am asking 100 plus shipping

    ebay user name formula_18 I have 13 feedback and I am verfied paypal.

    mail me at [email protected]
    AIM bribassguy

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    I don't see it mention Dolby. Do you know if it decodes Dolby Digital?

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    I am not sure if it does dolby ditigal, I know that is can recive PCM signal form computer or ditigal signial and the decode and then send FL FR C RF RR and SUB chanels to amp

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    I just had a look in the users manual that I have a copy of. I it has a DTS decoder and the the book mentions decoding Dolby Pro-Logic. Don't know if that helps answer your question.
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    Very nice EQ Free bumpy.

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