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Thread: FS: "Unusual SFF socket 478 mobo" - Chaintech 9SLF0

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    FS: "Unusual SFF socket 478 mobo" - Chaintech 9SLF0


    It was originally designed for "makeshift" notebook computers that used desktop parts inside. All ports are situated in a way to keep the profile as low as possible. Best part is, it doesn't need a conventional psu, it uses a laptop powerbrick instead. This thing can be stuffed into a low profile dvd-player type case.
    more info:

    if anyone wants to buy my board, it's up for grab!
    my main interest in this board was to use it as a carPC. but the video output can't do what I need (interlaced, etc) for the 5" hacked LCD i'm using.

    I have the board, the A/C powerbrick, and an asus miniPCI wifi-B card with an external antenna jack. I used this with my 7dbi magnetic mount antenna for a little wardriving and it was awesome

    so now I have to switch boards ::sigh::
    email: [email protected]
    heatware: alchs_box
    ebay: 122333221
    AIM: i kicked yer dog

    we can work something out! If needed I can include the antenna, some ram, etc to help get you started!

    original costs:
    board: $16.50 + s/h
    power brick: $49.90 + s/h
    wifi B: $20 + s/h

    I'll let all this go for $80 + s/h.
    i'll include a CD with all the drivers you need, etc.
    any offers welcome!

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    The linux-hacker link doesn't work...Also, what are the specs, b/c I'm interested in the m/b
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