I am simplifying my stereo, so ive got a room full of spare stuff I dont need:

V3D4 IDmax. SQ competition quality 12" subwoofer. $250 plus shipping. ebay costs $330

Zed Built Hifonics XI series 2 channel amplifier, class a/b

350x2rms @ 4 ohms
550x2rms @ 2 ohms
600x2rms @ 1 ohm
1100x1rms @ 4 ohms mono
1200x1rms @ 2 ohms mono

the power of this thing is insane. Built by zed, marketed by hifonics. dimensions approximately 3"x10.5"x22". almost two feet long! $400 shipped to your door.

Altomobile Drive 30. only the alpine H900 can do better.


even the H900 doesnt have compressor. tiny fraction of the cost, too. Will come with the serial cable and the USB-serial converter guaranteed to work with your in car computer. $500 shipped to your door. even if you arent interested, click the link, check out the features. its insane, the unit retails for about $900.

Tangband 6.5" midwoofers. like 6.5" subwoofers. perfect for the car who doesnt want subwoofers, you can just run these in your rear deck or doors. massive mounting depth, but neo magnets, so the motor isnt wide. $25 a pop plus shipping each, I have four. partsexpress sells them for at least 40 or 50 bucks each. they dont need an amp, but will take whatever you throw at them, regardless.

I am considering selling my Digital Designs 6.5" midranges. not sure yet. they would go for $100 plus shipping. if you know DD, you know these can make some serious noise. super loud, play sub 100 Hz with ease, even installed in a door. these will be better with an amp, but can play off deck power. they really should be amped for maximum performance, however. raw drivers only, thats 100 for a pair.

I'm open to trades, but to be honest, I have all the car audio equipment I need and am not a computer enthusiast. I need home theater gear, but have a rather exclusive parts list I am looking at. Ill entertain trade offers, but I would prefer cash. some prices are negotiable.

edit: lemme know what pics you need.