Two (2) **BRAND NEW** Sierra Wireless AirCard 510's - SprintPCS Wireless Web Modems

Provides wireless connections for your mobile computing device with out having to use a SprintPCS Phone.

This kit is for use with:
Windows 95, 98, 2000. (have not tested on XP)
Windows device with a PC CardSlot
This will work with an Compaq iPAQ as well. Thats what I had planned on using these for. I ended up using a cable to connect to my phone instead, since I would need a large expansion pack for the pocketPC, which would make it not much of a POCKET PC anymore!

Card is a Type II PCMCIA Card

AirCard 510 by Sierra Wireless:
Atenna retracts for easy use and quick, secure storage. No phone or cable required. Enables e-mail, Internet or corporate network access via the Sprint PCS Wireless Web.

contains Water software by Sierra Wireless to manage your connections

SKU on this is 510PCS

item at sprints site:

I am looking to get $150 a piece or best offer. I would like to get rid of them as I do not use them. Both of them are still in the boxes.

email me at [email protected]

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Item at sprint

Sorry, I can not get that darn link, linked!!! YOu will have to copy and paste!

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