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Thread: anyone know where I can get some Del Sol seats?

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    Question anyone know where I can get some Del Sol seats?

    I need to buy a driver's bucket for a del sol, red on grey. I accidentally set fire to one last night (dont ask) and need to replace it. I've checked ebay and, but to no avail. I am going to call the junkyards/dealerships around here later, but I am looking for the lowest price, so I figured i'd try the internet. any ideas? know anybody?
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    i used to use when they were free and they had a VERY nice database where you could search for parts and it had pictures and all. unfortunately they started charging as of late December. i dont know what rates are, but this way you can search all the junkyards within a certain radius and they give you all the contact info too. otherwise, i dont know what else to tell you. just keep checking ebay.
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