Selection of PCI and AGP riser cards available on eBay... very useful to have around for modding, projects etc.

I have several of most of these so please PM me if you are interested, or better still bid at the auction and contact me if you didn't win... you may still be lucky!!

Will also ship worldwide -- please PM me with your location and I'll work out additional cost

Via double PCI riser
JM132 PCI riser (for Morex 2688R case and other projects)
JM139 PCI riser (for Morex2688V, 2699R, 2699V and other projects)
Adexelec 70mm flexi PCI riser
Adexelec 120mm PCI flexi riser
150mm flexi PCI riser, LH facing
JM248 AGP riser
RS003 double PCI riser
GA610 PCI riser

Please PM me if any queries, or post here