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Thread: WTTF Nice momentary switches/Rocker switches

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    WTTF Nice momentary switches/Rocker switches

    Looking for some nice Bulgin style switches, or just any nicer push button or rocker style switches.

    These are going in my car for my carputer.

    I have

    Lots NICS, realtek, 3com, netgear
    Creative SBlive pci soundcard
    S3 Savage 2000 agp 4x card, 64 mb with tv out

    I have a few other cards, some misc Creative soundcard, looks newer but not Sblive...Ill check it out.

    I also have tons of new in the box p2/celeron slot heatsink/fans and Sega Genesis 4 port controller hubs.

    [email protected] is the quickest, that or pm's.

    I'm also looking for for a few other things, Ir reciever and remote, touchpad, etc. Distribution block and wiring

    I have no cash, and looks like I will not have any for the next few weeks now.
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    check out radio shack for the switchs i got a nice momentary switch for my pc and 2 leds to show status and stuf its slightly high priced but its good stuff

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