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Thread: FS: 10GB 2.5" and 80GB Seagate HD 3.5"

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    FS: 10GB 2.5" and 80GB Seagate HD 3.5"

    80GB segate HD for sale
    $60 OBO shipped

    U Series 6
    80.0 GB
    5400 rpm
    9.9 ms

    10GB Toshiba MK1517GAP
    $30 OBO free shiping and free 2.5" to 3.5" adapter

    10GB Toshiba MK1517GAP
    Functional Specifications
    Seek Time Track-to-Track 3ms
    Average 13ms
    Maximum 24ms
    Average Latency 7.14ms
    Rotational Speed 4,2000.1% rpm
    Data Transfer Rate Internal 155.4286.7Mb/s
    Buffer to Host 16.6MB/s (PIO Mode)
    100MB/s (Ultra DMA Mode)
    Buffer 2,048KB
    Interleave 1:1
    too early to tell

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    how much for the 10 gig. Dibs if price is right
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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