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Thread: WTB: 45-50watt dual channel amp

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    WTB: 45-50watt dual channel amp

    like the subject says i am looking for a small 45-50 watt amp that is dual channel I am hoping someone has one for sale i have had no luck locally

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    I might have a Kenwood KAC-5201. It was pushing 2 8" Solobaric L7's. PM me if interested.
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    I have a phoenix gold qx2180 for sale. Its a little dirty but it works perfectly. I rewcently bought a new sub and a new amp to power it. I'm asking 60 plus ship

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    dude ive got this generic brand amp that i got for like 40 bucks its 100x2 and thats 100 rms not peak ill give it to u for 30+ ship i didnt even hook it up its still in the box or if u want to trade for something leme know

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