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Thread: 15 inch lcd

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    Post 15 inch lcd

    just saw this on ebay

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    I wonder where it is he's found a controller for $100.

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    Well, I aske dthe seller just that. His reply:
    "The one I have came with the monitor - but it is for a laptop - I wantedto adapt this to use as a desktop monitor, either with the controller card from Acme (what a horrible name!), or by buying a PC lcd video card (only 50 bucks), and then souldering the cable from this one to an appropriate cable for that one. (Which I beleive would work, and save a hundred bucks!) I am selling it because I never got around to it in two months, and time constraints forced me to buy an ugly old CRT. Have a good one - Brennan"

    Ummmm... Soldering one cable to another????

    Yeesh! Caveat Emptor! "Buyer Beware", for the rest of you...

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