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Thread: All-In-One MB for Sale w/TV out

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    Post All-In-One MB for Sale w/TV out

    Hey There,

    I have an All-In-One Cyrix Gx86 64Bit Motherboard with CPU for Sale. Here are the specifications:

    - Cyrix 64Bit Mobile Processor Running @133Mhz
    - Integrated 64Bit SVGA Providing up to 1280x1024 resolution @75Hz w/TV-out (RCA & S-Video) Signals PAL/NTSC.
    - Integrated Sound Blaster 16/Pro with Audio in/out & Mic Input.
    - Two 72Pin SIMMs with MAX size of up to 64MB.
    - One onboard PCI IDE controller
    - One onboard FDD Controller (requires special Cable)
    - Two High Speed Serial ports
    - One Parallel Port
    - One PS/2 Mouse and One PS/2 Keyboard
    - One ISA slot (Can be extended with riser card which is provided)
    - Size of the MB (9.25in)x(7.5in)x(1.25)
    - Power +12v, +5V, -12V No Power good wire is required.
    - Bios Flash & PnP

    System has been tested with DOS, Windows 9x, and Linux. I personally been running this system with MPXF. Also used Windows 9x with Winamp for while.
    As it uses special Mobile processor power requirement are low. I been running this MB with Sproggys DC converter without a problem. TV out is great, you can directly connect it to 6in LCD screens from EIO or any others for the matter.
    I havent decided on the price yet so if you intrested send me an email with a price you would like to pay for it. Also if you like i can send you a complete datasheet on the MB just send me an email.

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    Hey I'll give you $60 for the chip and mobo. Please send me an email at [email protected] Thanks.


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