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Thread: computer parts for sale for car mp3

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    Post computer parts for sale for car mp3

    hi all
    i have couple of computer system that is good for car mp3.

    I have 1 desktop pentium compaq prolina 486 dx4 100 forsale . it have very thin case and good for car mp3 .. i ask for 70 bucks

    also another AST computer with 486 dx2 66 desktop too and i ask for 60 bucks

    couple of rise card i will through in for you who buy the computer

    i also get tower computer too 486 dx2 66. if anyone interest.

    I have 1 pentium desktop motherboard with riser card and it come with 166mmx intel cpu
    i ask for 40 bucks

    please email me at [email protected]

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    You got mail.

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