Looking for some parts to get a mp3 player started?


I got a 40x2 Noritake VFD display: its is HD compatable (meaning: It has the same pinout of an LCD, and is parrallel, so it works with Mpxf, and many winamp plugins)

A 24x pioneer slot-loading CD-Rom drive: It has a slot, so it looks like a normal head unit :-) (its a standard IDA/atapi drive)

A l.2 gig IBM 2.5" laptop harddrive, great for booting and holding your Operating System, and you can use the CD-rom for MP3disks and CDAs.

All these parts work, I purchased them to build a MP3car for a friend, but he backed out of the deal.

Tell me if you are interested.

( [email protected] )