Im selling some parts I dont' need anymore because I just put a radio in the car. The sound blaster is two months old and I have the receipt along with all original packaging. The sound blaster gives you all the abilities of controlling the sound in your system, equalizer, bass and treble controls, everything. It really is amazing. The amp is a 300 watt 4 channel pioneer amp in perfect working, and perfect looking condition, not a scratch. The amp is perfect for running any car stereo, it ran my RL with 8 speakers without any problem, and has alot of features and adjustments. Comes in original box and instructions.

4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier (GM-4000F) - $73 non negotiable

Stole Amp Info From Ebay:
High power and high-quality sound go hand-in-hand with this Pioneer 4-channel bridgeable amplifier. Its sturdy, durable design is versatile yet stylish. The MOSFET driven power supply is able to drive 4 separate speaker channels as well as difficult multiple subwoofer leads for distortion-free sound.

Key features GM-4000F
Bridgeable 4-channel capability 4 x 70 W or 2 x 150 W (Max. Power)
Continuous output power: 4 x 35 W or 2 x 70 W (4 ?) 4 x 40 W (2 ?)
4 x 45 W or 2 x 100 W (4 ?) DIN Power (DIN 45324, +B = 14.4 V)
Load impedance capability (2 — 8 ?)
LPF/HPF network (A and B ch): 80 Hz, -12 dB/Oct
High Voltage Input capability (400 mV — 6.5 V)
Features GM-4000F
PWM regulated MOSFET power supply Yes
Input level/gain control Yes
Load impedance capability 2 - 8 Ohm
RCA terminals Yes (input/output)
Power / ground terminals Large screw-type
LPF/HPF Network 80 Hz
High performance balanced isolator circuit Yes
Speaker level input (A and B channel) Yes
Specifications GM-4000F
DIN power output (W)
(DIN45324, +B = 14.4V) 4 x 45 W or 2 x 100 W (4 ohm)

Cont. power output (RMS),
14.4V (20-20kHz/4ohms) 4 x 35 Watt or 2 x 70 Watt
Cont. power output (RMS),
14.4V (20-20kHz/2ohms) 4 x 40 Watt
Frequency response 10 Hz - 50.000 Hz
Distortion 0,008 %
S/N ratio 100 dB
High Voltage Input Capability 400 mV - 6.5 V
Max. current consumption (A/4ohms) 18.1
Chassis size (W x H x D) 300 x 61 x 237 mm

Sound Blaster Live 24 Bit: $35 delivered priority mail
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