I bought this last year for school use and now that I'm about to graduate I have found that I don't really need it much any more and am sure that someone else can find a better home for it. I'm not 100% i'm selling yet, just wanted to see what kind of interest there would be for this laptop.

I added an additional 512 mb of ram when I bought the laptop (it was put in at the Apple store) and I also purchased the AirPort card as well.

I have the original box that it came in as well.

It's not in 100% new condition, meaning that it's got a few scratches on it. After all, it is a white laptop.

here are the specs:

1GHz PowerbookPC G4 processorl 512K level 2 cache
256 MB of DDR SD Ram; supports up to 1.25GB (since I added another 512 it's up to 768 MB right now)
30GB Ultra ATA hard drive
Slot-Loading Combo Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
12.1 inch (diagonal) TFT active-matrix XGA color display
ATI Mobility Radeon 920 with 32MB of video memory
Built in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and 56K modem
Ready for airport extreme wireless netowrking (802.11g) - I've added this
VGA video output; S-video and composite video output

I'm not really sure what these are going for used since the only thing I could find on ebay was new and they are at 1100-1200 for the 14" ones.

if you might be interested just shoot me an email/im/pm and we can talk. I can provide pictures.

It would also come with all the CDs that it came with.

Oh yeah, I also purchased the extended warranty with it as well, i'm sure that can be transfered over.