I have the following:

<ul>[*]12" touchscreen LCD (no touchcontroller)
I believe it has a DFP connector but haven't gotten it to work yet.
Starting to suspect a blown inverter or backlight.
Nice casing, AccuTouch touch system.</li>[*]Two of the TFT -> VGA controllers that Allen had for sale.</li>[*]4 LCD screens. Not sure of state of operation. I believe there is 2*TFT and 2*mono</li>[*]An ATI Xpert LCD videocart with DFP connector</li>[*]An Aaeon (I think) LPX mainboard (8"*8") mainboard. It worked last time I tested it.</li>[/list]

.. and I will trade it for one or more of the following ..

<ul>[*]Numark DMC-1 mp3 controller</li>[*]Working plug and play TFT, 10" or larger</li>