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Thread: Would anyone buy CD Changer/Unilink cable hacks for Sony head units?

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    Consider one sold to me. I sent you an email.
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    Originally posted by Fosgate

    The deck is KEH-M8250, its an old tape player that has CD-Changer support.
    So how do you get in to this hiden menu?
    On my headunit, you hold down the "Func" button while the headunit is off... you should get a menu come up... I found it out by reading the instruction manual

    I`m not sure if it works on all pioneer HU's

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    Question Any word

    Just wondering what the status was of this project? I would be interested in buy a cable too, if they are available and working.

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    Was this ever developed?

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    Sorry guys. I know its sounds like a good idea for me to make up cables and sell them, but thought would be too much of a task for me. I have work and college to worry about. The plans are still available on the internet for the cable. (No idea where it is on my computer.) I still have the program I made for it, but it was horribly buggy. (Also to note, just buying ONE connector from Sony unilink cable is $30 the last I remember direct from Sony.) I would love to continue work on the code, but it was to be part of the media player I had coded. It would nice to integrate it with an already popular car media player. (Media Engine comes to mind. Its written in Visual Basic. )

    My point is that its not practical for me to continue sole development or even make cables for people. I would love to help it work out for others though.

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    Where are the designs available? Has anybody tried using the adapter that Sony makes? It is the Sony XA-300 Auxiliary input Adapter for unilink. "Adds 2 AUX inputs to your Sony changer-contolling receiver, retains changer control capability, USB PORT ACCEPTS AUDIO INPUT FROM A LAPTOP COMPUTER" They're $100 at Crutchfield, don't know if this will support any control or text, but something I was considering a while back, then just decided to buy a remote and use the cassette player for the audio (I knew the cassette player would eventually have some use). Let me know if anybody has tried it, I'd be re-interested if it really did do some control/"cd-text" from the puter.

    That should be the link to the product on Crutchfield.
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    You can make big bucks on that... I will buy one for a kenwood cd player if you can make that too... send me an email if you are interested.

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