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Thread: WTB: 4 channel car audio amp ...

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    what do you think about a rockford p8004? rated at 100x4 at 4 ohms, the birth certificate says top rms output 176x4 at 4 ohm

    i have one, used for but a few months

    hoping for $300, but give me a reasonable offer if you disagree

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    I have for sale an Xtant 404m 4 channel amp. Super clean sound, great quality product. Its used but in excellent shape.

    50x4 into 4 homes
    100x4 into 2 ohms

    I also have the Low Pass Filter module incase you wanted to bridge 2 channels and use them for a subwoofer (I used it originally in a Miata with the front channels driving the speakers in the doors and the rear channels driving an 8" Pioneer subwoofer with the LPF)

    $100 plus shipping and its yours.


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