I bought a bunch of these to go along with my idea for the "covert thunder 8", an in-console subwoofer box for jeep tj's. I've hit a huge snag in the road, so I'm rethinking the idea, suppliers..etc. But, in the meantime, I'd like to move some of the amps I have laying around. The first one I have is this little baby..very compact, and puts a clean signal out..

"The crossover on these work-horse, 2-channel amps is 18dB/octave at 85Hz, switchable from low pass/high pass or full-range. Each features a buffered, isolated full-range output. This lets you daisy chain amps to other subwoofer amps or to high frequency amps. If you plan to use the high level inputs from the factory radio, our "Smart Engage" auto-turn-on circuit makes installation a snap - you won't have to remove the factory radio."

Power 12.5 VDC Input
2 Ohm Load 60 w x 2
4 Ohm Load 30 w x 2
Bridged 4 Ohm Load 120 w Crossover
Power 14.4 VDC Hi / Low @ 85Hz
2 Ohm Load 80 w x 2
4 Ohm Load 50 w x 2
Bridged 4 Ohm Load 200 w
(with ISO Feet)
7.98" x 9.75" x 2.1"
20.3cm x 24.8cm x 5.3cm

$70 shipped and I take paypal. A very legitimate 200 watt amp that is more than enough to power a good subwoofer in your jeep or what have you. Thanks!