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Thread: Trade... Offering iGuidance 2.1 for "CoPilot 8 Live"

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    Trade... Offering iGuidance 2.1 for "CoPilot 8 Live"

    I recentely obtained a copy of iGuidance 2.1 (USA & Canada). I'm not overly impressed with the software and was wondering if anyone with CoPilot 8 Live (or older version even!!) would like to trade software.

    Go ahead and post thoughts if you'd like, but PM me to make a deal.

    Thanks, and happy TRACKIN'!!!

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    copilot 8 and iguidance

    Hello. Saw your post and was wondering how you came along with your trade. I can trade you Routis 2004 if you would like to test that one out.

    Also, would you be willing to let me test both copilot and iguidance if you have been sucessfull?


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    Routis is pretty much the same as iGuidance. Just thought I'd let spdyscotty know beforehand.
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