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Thread: WTB: Coleman Inverter with Shutdown controller

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    WTB: Coleman Inverter with Shutdown controller

    Hello all, does anyone have a coleman inverter along with shutdown controller? Basically i'd like a plug and play solution that is configured. I will just wire the inverter straight to my battery.

    I'm going to be powering a 2 Ghz Celeron machine with it in a small shuttle like case. I think it currently runs at 115W i believe so the general rule is to get double. I think 400W would be a safer bet. Anyone have this? Some may suggest to get an Opus but just wanted to see what my options are with the shudown contorller as well. I'd just like the easiest solution for myself without much hassle of installing it into my machine.

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    hey whats up i got a brand new colmen 300/600 watt inverter for 50 bucks nad hten u can get the startup shutdown controler from mp3car store

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