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Thread: FS....Super Mini Keyboard

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    FS....Super Mini Keyboard

    BRAND NEW Never Used!!!

    I have a Super Mini Electron luminescent Keyboard for sale! I bought this for my CPC setup but now decided to buy a wireless unit.

    Here are some of the specs.....

    *Fully compatible with Windows Me/2000/XP
    *Scissors type structure and tactile feedback
    *Electron luminescence design
    *Toggle Button for EL function to exchange
    *Dimensions: 290 x 135.5 x 21.4 mm
    *Weight: 460g
    *Cable length: 1.5 meters
    *Interface: USB only
    *Keystroke life: 10 million
    *Key number:91 Keys(US Version)

    It looks like this...

    Price is $38 shipped in the US

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    I'll give you $38 shipped to Canada

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