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Thread: WTS: World of Warcraft UBER ACCOUNT

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    WTS: World of Warcraft UBER ACCOUNT

    Want to sell my WoW account. Originally used by me and me only. CDs, manual, and original box will all be included. Account information will be sent via e-mail on purchase. So you don't think I am trying to rip you off if we do paypal you can paypal me an extra $1 and I will paypal it back to you (or a penny whatever) and you can see my verified address (or maybe u can see that when u paypal me?)

    It is a lvl 60 paladin on Shadowsong server with epic mount and kick *** gear. If interested let me know and I will logon and get a list of the exact items he has. Epic mount kicks *** if you havent seen WoW, its pretty much *the* endgame item to get, costs about 800 gold which in WoW -> USD is like $900 I think (dont remember the going rate of Ebay gold).

    Also included are some not-worth-mentioned low lvl chars on other servers you can play with, and of course you can delete and/or make new characters on other servers!

    Looking to get around $50 which last I checked is the retail value, many companies sell characters of this level (or try at least) for just under a thousand bucks so this is a deal to take advantage of!

    Lemme know if interested, I have pretty much completly quit so I may let it go for less, but hit me up and let me know what your offer is!

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    why aren't you selling it on ebay, could get 100-200 for the character alone
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    is this sold yet?

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