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Thread: FS: Latest HTPC Project System

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    FS: Latest HTPC Project System

    EDIT (11/03/2005):
    These items are no longer for sale...

    Cleaned up thread...
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    trade an xbox and 5 games of your choice from my list... or consider something else for trade? check my sig....

    -for the 15" lcd

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    I'm interested in a trade, but how much do you value each item at? The case didn't sell at $100 on a 5 day auction, nor did the LCD (yeah you ended it 40 minutes early so it technically didn't end, but in a 5 day auction it got no bids at $100). So what IS the value of these in terms of trades? LMK.

    See my trades here! My For Sale/Trade Thread. Email joe at

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