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Thread: FS: Carputer $400 delivered ready to run!

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    FS: Carputer $400 delivered ready to run!

    For sale is a complete carputer setup, ready to run. Comes complete with everything needed. Below is a list of what is included in the setup. Looking for $400 delivered on the carputer. willing to negotiate. Please email [email protected] if interested or leave a PM.


    windows xp home edition w/ sp2 service pack
    256mb pc133 sdram memory
    pentium 3 processor 1.5ghz motherboard
    20 gb hard drive
    microsoft office 2003 professional version
    symantec antivirus 2005 corporate edition
    belkin usb wireless internet (installed, runs)
    lilliput touchscreen 619GL-70NP (worcol touch) installed and runs
    windows media player 10 (includes 700+ songs loaded)
    on/off toggle power switch with status indicator LED's

    additional accessories:

    -usb keyboard device (tells computer keyboard is plugged in, for when u do not wish to use an actual keyboard)
    -4 port USB hub (powered)
    -power cords for use in home (ac plugs)
    ***power cords for use in car are fused so they can be hooked directly to the battery***
    -10ft VGA/USB extension cable

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    heres some pics of the setup...
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    Looks like im finally selling my ipaq 6315 tomorrow.. So i call dibs if you dont mind

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