HP iPAQ Pocket PC hx2410


Almost 100% new....i have not even put any information on this yet other than my name when i turn it on. Comes with full cradle for hookup to sync to computer and it also charges it when docked. It is not like palm which uses its own software...this uses MICROSOFT WINDOWS which has all the toys, bells and whistles such as media player 9 etc....

SPECS RIGHT OFF HP'S WEBSITE: http://www.hp.ca/products/static/ipaq/hx2410/index.php
Was bought for me but i really do not need something this advanced...lol

Price new the cheapest i could find was 499.99 plus tax...im willing to part with it for 400.

If your interested let me know here or at [email protected]
Feedback in case your wondering can be found on ebay....zex_huffer will also set it on ebay for sale if your worried about selling off a board.