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Thread: WTB: complete car pc

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    WTB: complete car pc

    Hi i am looking for a complete car pc for my bmw. I want something that i can use and that wont mess up on me. I am new to this car pc but am very interrested. So if any has a complete car oc that i can buy that is all ready for installation just pm

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    where u @?

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    Easier to buy components.. they don't have to be all individual (like ram, processor, case, motherboard, etc etc), but do seperate larger "chunks" of things.. for example:
    1) complete PC
    2) touchscreen
    3) PSU (Opus most likely, or PC might have one already)

    ..that would probably about cover it, minus whatever cables you need to extend the things to wherever you're running it in the car.

    EDIT: I also have a laptop for a CarPC in my sig, plus a monitor, no PSU needed only an inverter..

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    Check out my thread for sale. If you are interested in a used screen I have the one used with the PC for sale

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