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Thread: To give away: for Audi TT, radio 1-DIN frame+center console

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    To give away: for Audi TT, radio 1-DIN frame+center console

    I fitted a 8" Liliput in the 1-Din slot of my TT. Nothing shows when the radio flap is down (stealth install !)
    Now the TT is gone, so I now GIVE the modified OEM parts:
    1) Radio + A/C frame: wider radio section in order to accomodate the wide screen
    2) Trim around radio and A/C: for the same reason, its 2 top screws are not facing but sidewards.

    By email only (see my profile)

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    radio 1-dinn frame

    Hey sorry to hear you no longer have your TT, I was hoping you still had the chassis around? I would like to talk to you about it...



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    clean install man..

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    not interested, but my cudos to you man anyway. you did an incredible job here.

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