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Thread: WTB: complete kit for honda civic 2003

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    WTB: complete kit for honda civic 2003

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic sedan.

    I want to buy a complete car computer kit that will mount on dash and have easy installation.

    I do not have time or energy to build this on my own.

    Main features I want:
    OverTheAir Tv tuner so I can watch local tv on the screen.
    802.11 wireless connectivity
    ability to push mp3 files to my car computer wirelessly from my home pc
    bluetooth connectivity
    GPS navigation
    real keyboard

    I have a dell laptop that can be used if necessary to make it cheaper cost.

    Please supply urls to buy complete kit, or if you are interested in creating a kit yourself for me then post your proposal.



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    late only about three weeks. I just got rid of my system

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