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One DLink 614+ Wirless Broadband Router - Seems OK but the Wirless is a bit weak - Used for some time as a firewall only and has fairly comprihensive controls

Free with this one extra Generic Wireless Access Point - This worked with out fault and provided extra coverage in my house where needed.

Grab a bargin - Bid now !

NB Mine has twin external arials unlike the one shown at

No Reserve !!!

This integrated access device combines Internet gateway functions with wireless LAN and Fast Ethernet switch. Designed for the business, it saves you the cost of installing a separate modem and ISP line for each computer, while providing ready connection for your office users, with or without the network wires. It can also be deployed at commercial/public sites such as hotels, airports and exhibition halls, you can let users access the Internet without any wires and charge them a feed.

Built-in wireless provides speeds of up to 22Mbps, twice the 11Mbps found in most 802.11b wireless devices, but within the standard and is compatible with all 802.11b devices.

Built-in NAT and DHCP server automatically create and assign an IP address for each computer, simplifying every one's logon operation.

Internet connection is through an Ethernet port, from where you hook up a broadband DSL or cable modem.

Network Security
- Includes (1) NAT protection, plus VPN pass-through for extra security, (2) Virtual Server mapping to re-task services to multiple servers.(3) Protection for wireless users is provided through a 256-bit strong WEP data encryption scheme.

DMZ Host
- You can configure any of the built-in LAN ports to function as a DMZ port. Separate FTP, Web, and Multiplayer game servers can share the same Internet-visible IP address of the DMZ port. This allows you to set up web sites and e-commerce business and users to play Internet games while maintaining protection for the rest of your LAN behind the router.

UPnP Enabled
- For easy and robust connectivity among heterogeneous standards-based network devices. Computers can communicate directly with the router for automatic opening and closing of UDP/TCP ports to take full advantage of security provided without sacrificing functionality of on-line applications.

Network Time Protocol (NTP)
- allows you to install a time server behind the router to synchronize time for your network environment. This protects you from the risks inherent in obtaining Internet, minimizes security risks from the outside, and maximizes timing accuracy on your network.

Product Features:

DSL/cable modem Internet sharing
4 10/100Mbps switch ports
1 10BASE-T port for ADSL/cable modem connection
Integrated enhanced IEEE 802.11b 22Mbps wlan Access Point