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Thread: Fs: Toyota Matrix Custom 7" Lcd Bezel $150

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    Fs: Toyota Matrix Custom 7" Lcd Bezel $150

    Selling my custom dash bezel made to fit a 7" Xenarc LCD monitor (monitor not included).

    All control buttons for A/C, etc, moved and holes sealed off. Paint matched to rest of dash control panels.

    Asking $150.00 shipped. (for top part above temperature control knobs)

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    If you are selling it with the botton bezel (shifter part), someone may buy it cuz that will make a complete package. Otherwise, what the hell they are going to do with the AC/REC/HAZ/HEATER buttons? If they buy the radio bezel, and have to fab the buttons, may as well, they fab the whole thing.

    Now you wonder why you can't sell it on MatrixOwners forum?
    You should also advertise it as Pontiac Vibe part too.
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