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Thread: WTB: PCMCIA 802.11b WiFI Cards

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    WTB: PCMCIA 802.11b WiFI Cards

    I'm looking for two 802.11b WiFi Cards PCMCIA. They don't need to be g rated cards, b is just fine for my use.

    I would prefer ones that don't stick out the side of a laptop more than a half inch, maybe 3/4".

    New or Used - Must work.

    Send me your offers, I have paypal primed and ready.

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    Thank You /////ALPINE
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    i have a Dlink DWL-650 54Mb/s : $35 shipped LMK...

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    Somewhere I have a 3com card with a "pop out" antenna, it's a bit like the XJack connectors, you press it in and it pops out about 3/4". I assume it works when it is in or out but would expect better reception with it out.

    I also have an Orinoco Silver but that sticks out about an 1" I guess.

    Open to trades! )


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