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Thread: FS: JBL amp, infinity speakers

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    FS: JBL amp, infinity speakers

    JBL GTO 75.4II - 104Wx4 @ 4 ohms, very nice powerful amp!! only have to sell it cause i dont have the electrical system to power it and because i need some money for a ring. im wanting $160 shipped, but i will entertain offers. great amp, only slightly used (2 hours maybe)

    Infinity 63.5i 3 way speakers - again, only slightly used and comes with mounting rings and external crossovers - $100 shipped

    if someone want to buy all this together, ill make a deal with ya and i really dont want trades. i do paypal, checks, cash and pickups. everything will be shipped when money is recieved using UPS. feel free to ask questions and pics will be posted when someone asks for them. this is posted on a couple other forums so time is limited. thanks!!

    amp - $125 shipped
    speakers - $75 shipped

    $175 on the combo....
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    That's a great deal on the speaker. Would buy them myself if I hadn't JUST purchased a new pair of 62.7i.

    Someone grab thos Infinity's quick!!
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    damnnn... i'd take the infinitys but i just charged up my credit card with xmas gifts! lol... i agree... a damn good deal on the kappas
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    interested n the infinity's. PM sent.
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