As the thread title says, I'm looking for a VGA touchscreen that's 8.4-12".

I would rather trade/partial trade than do a full payment, but shoot some offers, and let me know if you're looking for something in particular.... I have a lot of stuff, and connections to get more, if I can get my self a larger VGA TS.

The stuff I have available to trade are in this thread: FS/FT: Monitors, Motherboards, Cell Phones, Printers, Misc
I've got Monitors, Cell Phones, Software, Games, Movies, Laptop Accessories, etc....

  • I also have a Pioneer Premier P350 CD Receiver with the CD-RB10 Aux-Input Attachment. This unit was pulled out of my car very recently. I thought that the RCA's on it had died, because my subs stopped working and they hadn't blown, but they had blown, and I just couldn't find out until I got a new deck.



I also have a BOSS 1200Watt 2ch Amp. I dunno the model number off the top of my head, I think it's an Boss Riot R635. It's a little bit scratched up, but it works great.
* Tri-mode operation
* Remote subwoofer level output
* Line and speaker level inputs
* Line outputs
* 0-+18 Bass Boost
* MOSFET power supply
* Variable low pass crossovers
* High pass crossover
* Gain control
* Power and Protection LEDs
* Plexiglass windows in top cover
* Input voltage switch 100mV-2V/2V-8V
* 600w x 2 Max Power 2 Ohms
* 200w x 2 RMS Power 4 Ohms
* 1200w x 1 Bridged Power
* Signal To Noise Ratio >105 dB
* THD 0.01%
* Dimensions: 11 3/4" x 2 3/16" x 15 3/4"


  • I also have 2 Brand new, in-box 12" Infinity 1240W Subwoofers. I was going to use these for my system in my car, but I decided that I would go with 2 10" Alpine Type E subs instead. The place that I bought the subs @ doesn't accept returns, so....


So again, if possible, trade/partial trade for the screen.....