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Thread: EBAY - 14" LCD USB Touch Screen 800x600 SVGA Monitor

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    EBAY - 14" LCD USB Touch Screen 800x600 SVGA Monitor

    FYI - I noticed a seller who is listing 14" touch screen panels for about $150. He said he had a bunch and the auctions have been ending from $100 to $150.

    So I quess if you are up to making an enclosure, you could get a 10.8 x 8.5 LCD display panel with touchscreen, USB connector and drivers for a decent price.

    Link here:

    I just won one, if anyone wants to know how it works out, let me know.

    Oh yes, no relation to the seller, just seemed like a good deal.

    ... Mike ...

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    Cool Man, nice find.
    Post some pics of the screen when you get it.
    Have fun fabricating it in.
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