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    ok i won this auction a while back with plans on doing my engine management for my turbo setup..but i need money to finish it so this is up for grabs...AND THE CASE IS A REGULAR CASETRONICS CASE IT ISN'T IN THE CONSOLE HOLDER IN MORE U CAN CHECK MY EBAY FEEDBACK IF U WANT ITS CHRISSYPRISSY803 AND I TAKE PAYPAL...

    Case: Casetronic C134 Black
    Memory: 256MB Ultra Low Profile PC2100 Ram
    MOBO: EPI M10000 1GH
    HDD: 40GB Samsung 5400rpm

    since then i have added about $100 more to the setup... including a keyspan presentation mouse that will do what a regular mouse will and more, a mini usb keyboard, and usb external drive holder, the linksys wireless g wusb54 (i think thats the number), a brand new motherboard m10000 b/c i had started putting one together and saw this one so u get the brand new board never powered up i bought from the store, i never had the chance to even play with this setup yet so my loss is ur gain...i thinks thats all the acc.. but i may be leaving out something besides longer cords for the car and what not.. i can post pics of the acc.. if yall want to see them... im trying to sell the whole setup... THANKS GUYS!!! 325 shipped obo..

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    you should post a price before these guys get on you for it.
    i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!

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