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Thread: 15" Powerbook G4, 1 month old, 1.67ghz, 2gb RAM

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    15" Powerbook G4, 1 month old, 1.67ghz, 2gb RAM

    heyo... as many of you know, I am an Apple Specialist by profession, and now I am selling my personal powerbook. This is an (almost) brand new powerbook, that's only ever been moved in a hard aluminum case (think 'metal case handcuffed to a thug' style case), so it looks BRAND new... It has 2gb of RAM, 1.67ghz G4 Processor, a superdrive, it comes with:

    2 power adapters (think home and work, or desk and travel... $100 value for the extra adapter)
    2 batteries ($139 value for extra batt)
    A new Crumpler Case of your choice (up to $80) (see
    It is covered under international warranty until 1/15/07

    Adobe Creative Suite 2
    Filemaker Pro 8
    iLife '06
    Drive Genius
    TechTool Pro 4
    Microsoft Office
    Toast 7

    I am looking for $1800usd Shipped within the US, I will ship to canada for an appropriate fee.

    I do not accept paypal (they're a fraudulent company...), I do accept personal checks (with time to clear), money orders, and Visa/MC (through my company).

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    Wow $1,800 do you have any pics? Also your better off trying ebay on this.

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    Note the lack of *any* wear on the corners-- that's the first place these machines really start to show any heavy wear.

    i have seriously babied this machine, as I have been planning on selling it quickly since I acquired it.

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