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Thread: WTB: 3.5" hdd enclosure (empty)

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    WTB: 3.5" hdd enclosure (empty)

    I am wanting to buy a 3.5" hard drive enclosure. I would really like it to be firewire and USB if possible. Please post or PM me if you have one. Thanks!


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    Nobody has one of these laying around?


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    i have one, out of an old maxtor one touch thing, but it doesn't power the drive itself, though it powers up (not the reason why i got an RMA, the drive died on me, but still). I think a wire is loose, but they sent me a repalcement and well...never bothered again. I'llt come with the disks, if you want it, but if no reply by monday, ill assume you don't want to be bothered either
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