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Thread: Wanted: Place in Texas to do custom install

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    Wanted: Place in Texas to do custom install

    I am looking to put a laptop/PC into a vehicle with alot of bells and whistles. Does anyone know of a place that could do a custom install in the DFW/Austin/Houston/San Antonio area? I will be going to each city for a few days soon. Thank you in advance for any advice/help.

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    Ou need to provide some more details as to what you want.
    Are you going to use a docking station for power control?
    What 'bells & whistles' are you looking for? GPS? WiFi? Celphone connectivity?
    What about control? Powermate? Keypad? Touchscreen?
    Maybe you just want the laptop mounted on a gooseneck or somethign so you can access it while driving. (Not the best solution as far as safety goes, BTW).

    I'm in Dallas and can certainly help, but I'm not doing any custom fabrication because I suck at it. Althought here are others in the area that could. (Red, are you lsitening?)
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    in san antonio there is a place called mother's window tint right off bandera near grissom. they do all kinds of junk there.

    I dont live in texas anymore so I cant give you a whole lot of details
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    i am going to school for this right now...but it will be a bit before I have a shop open LOL
    Then i will tell you guys.

    AHHH learning MECP is fun let me tell you
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    i'm in dallas we could do ur install for u if u have all ur parts.!

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    If yer plannin on stoppin in Austin, get in touch, I know quite a few custom fab folks here, and at least a couple of them are familiar with the setup from helpin me with mine.

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