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Thread: WTB: pair of 6"-9" Neon lights (for under dash) RED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markopolo311
    CCFL = Cold Cathode Flourescent Lighting i think their more efficirnt than neons

    i have 3 red ones and about 6 green ones

    they're meant for a computer case mod, so they have a molex connector on them, but i've run tem off a cigarette lighter plug before

    i want all 6 green ones if you have them, how much or you wanna trade?

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    i actually have 7 green ones + 1 pair of green ones (9 bulbs total, 8 inverters total), but let Ookami decide he doesn't want the green ones first, this is his thread
    I'mmmmmm a n00b.... feel free to make fun

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