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Thread: FS: Xenarc 700IDT - US/CA/Santa Barbara

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    Arrow FS: Xenarc 700IDT - US/CA/Santa Barbara

    Various 'events' have left me strapped for cash, so I'm giving up and selling off my carputer gear. First on the chopping block is my 7" Xenarc touchscreen.

    Product website:

    This item has been used less than 3 hours! (Watched "The Transporter" to test it ) I've already spliced the molex power connector for use with a Carnettix PSU. Contents will include:

    7" Spring Loaded Touch Screen
    Video Cable (700IDT <--> VGA & 2x composite)
    Molex power cable (for use with DC-DC PSU's)
    Cigarette power cable

    It's going for $500.00 online, I'll part with mine for $425. Just think... no sales tax!!

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    I might be interested. Could you do me a favor and measure just the screen dimensions? I'm talking about this part, as well as the depth of the screen.
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    Do you have carnetix add on 5volt board?


    I see you have a carnetix supply. Any chance you have the 5volt add on board for the p1900? If you do, would you be interested in selling it and at what price.

    PM me if it is available.

    Best regards,


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    its going for 250 on ebay plus un other member here just sold his for 250 too,......... just my cents

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